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July 27, 2014:
New carved stone pieces presented here at TovaLevi.Com!


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Places Worth Looking Into

This page contains links to some interesting sites, not all art related, but all come highly recommended.

Links to my main institutes of education

- Martha Castillo Clayprint Studios
- Martha Castillo Woman Made Gallery
- Cousette Copeland Creative Arts
- George Washington University
- Pacific Art League
- Ben Gurion University
- Avni Institute of Art and Design

Links that will help you get your own site up

- GoDaddy.Com will help you register your domain name
- FreeWebTown.Com will host your site for free with FTP access
- Andreas Viklund has some wonderful templates free to use for your site
- Download SimpleViewer to insert a gallery like the Sculptures gallery
- Download AutoViewer to insert a gallery like the Paintings gallery

And you are well on your way to having your own site withhout the need for expert HTML, Java and ActiveX knowledge!

And finally links to sites of family and friends

- My son Gil Levi's site
- My son's company BON Networks
- My daughter's legal office Shiri Levi Legal
- The Art of Lance A. Glasser -

Hope these links help you as much as they helped me!