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July 27, 2014:
New carved stone pieces presented here at TovaLevi.Com!


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Tova exhibits her art on-line on this website. Notices will be given on this webpage of any other exhibitions scheduled.

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July 27, 2014

Welcome to Tova Levi's Art!

Tova Levi has been working on temporary arts in the past two decades. She has created many art pieces throughout these years, which you are invited to review in the different galleries in this website. The galleries include Tova's designs, sculptures and paintings.

Tova focuses on modern mixed-media arts and brings her special signature into every painting and sculpture she makes. She combines texture and color in a unique way. Passion, motion and femininity characterize many of her pieces.

Tova has also worked as an interior designer for many years, and her designs always combined beauty and esthetics with practicality. She was the first designer to combine block-stairs to reach higher beds in children's bedrooms and reach unique solutions for storage, space and safety issues. Some design projects are also displayed in this website.

Tova's Inspiration

Tova have always had interest in the arts and esthetics, and appreciated different kinds and genres. However, modern arts have become more appealing to her over the years. Artist such as Miro, Jackomety, Kandinsky, and Brancusi are an inspiration for Tova. In addition, Tova always keeps an eye open for new-comers artists. Her motto is that you can get inspiration out of anything you experience and anything you encounter and come across in life.